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Jun10th 2021

6 Common Causes of Joint Pain Physical Therapy Can Help

Are you having trouble keeping up with the basic demands of your day job? Do you have more trouble getting around your home than you once did? Do you look for excuses to withdraw from some of your favorite activities simply because it hurts to move, or you’re worried about injuring yourself? You’re probably suffering

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core-strength May20th 2021

How to Improve Your Balance By Increasing Your Core Strength

The relationship between core strength and balance is something that has been widely discussed within the physical therapy field for several years. Your trunk contains multiple core muscles that work to prevent physically limiting conditions, such injuries, lower back pain, or balance and gait disorders. When your core is strong, it helps keep you upright

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Pain and Inflammation May10th 2021

How Does Nutrition Help Relieve Pain and Inflammation?

Are you living with chronic pain or inflammation? If so, there may be a simple solution for you: changing your eating habits. Proper nutrition can play an important role in managing your discomfort. Many people live with chronic pains every day, unaware that simply eating the right foods can actually help them find relief. Maintaining

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