Patient Testimonials

  • After trying many treatments for my foot pain with no improvement someone told me about Global Physical Therapy in Grand Blanc. I have been amazed with the results.

    The upper part of my foot felt like I had a broken bone. Dr. McFarland explained what was going on with my foot and tendons. When I went to see him I could hardly walk and it hurt to put shoes on. He showed me stretching exercises and did dry needling. I walked out of his office after the first visit with no pain in my foot. I went on vacation for 4 weeks and walked 4 to 5 miles a day with no foot pain.

    I can’t say enough about the wonderful therapy and treatment I have received.

    Linda K.

  • I loved the one-on-one contact with my physical therapist. Everyone was supportive, encouraging. I know I have to keep up with my exercises to stay healthy because Ralph, my physical therapist and I, have worked really hard together. I hope to continue to go to the clinic and use the Wellness Plan so that I can maintain my new health status. Thank you all so much.

    Michael K.

  • Ralph was always very helpful and knowledgeable with my condition. He provided me with both insight and advice to help ease the pain of my lifelong condition. The staff & aides are always very personable and compassionate, and everyone I came into contact with always had a smile in your office.

    Gerorge Z.

  • Ralph is an exceptional Physical Therapist. All of the techniques he uses to restore your physical body back in shape are excellent. There is a hard-to-define spiritual quality within his healing hands. His massaging and stretches removed my headache, loosened stiff joints and relaxed the tension in my muscles. I was so impressed by to total body relaxation that I’ve make appointments two times a week.

    Elizabeth B.

  • Amazing staff and and incredible results! Completely changing the way I look at pain management.

    Lisa Marie B.

  • Ralph is the best! Dry Needling has saved me!!! They are very knowledgeable and super friendly!

    Heather J.

  • I unfortunately had a very bad experience with both a chiropractor and massage therapist.
    Between the two of them my muscles and nerves became very inflamed in my neck, shoulders and head. The doctor sent me to a pain specialist where I received two nerve blocks. Unfortunately this did not work either.

    I was in excruciating pain with very limited mobility until my doctor sent me to see Ralph.
    The first night that he treated me I saw some relief thru needling. I have been seeing Ralph for 3 ½ months now and have seen a dramatic changes happening with my nerves and muscles.

    Ralph took the time to listen and explain what was going on with my body. Then thru needling, cupping, exercise and massage I am seeing results. I am not quite there yet, but I am getting there.

    Thank you Ralph for caring and helping me.

    David P.

  • I have been dealing with leg pain for years it felt like it was my hip. I was referred to Ralph McFarland for foot pain by Dr. Singer. On my first visit he explained how the procedure of dry needling worked and I told him about my leg and hip. Between him and Christina they have given me 80 percent mobility and my pain has dropped. My foot is tolerable and progressing, I look forward to my therapy appointments knowing I am one step closer to getting my life back.

    Marcia C.