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Have had excruciating pain for over 4 years in my back at only 20, went to countless doctors and all they said was take Tylenol. I go to Ralph and in one hour he did dry needling and I was pain free for the first time in over 4 years.

- Mackinzie B.

He is excited to help you and I felt that I was not just another patient on a schedule but rather someone he really cared about. He dry needled my back and I instantly felt the muscles relax. It was amazing. I would highly recommend him.

- RK.

I was sent here by my neuro doc because I get extreme migraines. I tried the dry needling and after just a handful of visits, they have gone from every day to just a few times a week, and much more manageable. It is nice to see a doctor who really wants to help you and who appears to love what he does and care.

- Boss S.

Ralph is an exceptional Physical Therapist. All of the techniques he uses to restore your physical body back in shape are excellent. There is a hard-to-define spiritual quality within his healing hands.

- Elizabeth B.

Dr. Ralph and his staff are amazing! I have suffered from debilitating migraines for over 4 years. The range of motion in my neck and shoulders was so bad I couldn’t turn my neck without triggering a migraine. A Dr. friend of mine suggested I try some light PT & dry needling and OMG life changer!!!

- Mary T.

Ralph is an amazing PT. Fantastic bedside manner. Knowledgeable. Honest. Fair. Helpful. He cares about his practice. The environment is relaxing. His employees seem happy which means he is a good leader/manager. He offers flexible hours. He is never pressuring or demeaning.

- Heather D.

Ralph is an amazing physical therapist. He worked tirelessly helping me with frozen shoulder in both shoulders. He used many methods including the dry needling. After only 5 months, thanks to his knowledge and expertise my shoulders were all better.

- TA

I was in excruciating pain with very limited mobility until my doctor sent me to see Ralph. The first night that he treated me I saw some relief thru needling. I have been seeing Ralph for 3 ½ months now and have seen a dramatic change happening with my nerves and muscles.

- David P.

The upper part of my foot felt like I had a broken bone. Dr. McFarland explained what was going on with my foot and tendons. When I went to see him I could hardly walk and it hurt to put shoes on. He showed me stretching exercises and did dry needling. I walked out of his office after the first visit with no pain in my foot.

- Linda K.

Our Team Wants to Be A Part Of Your Recovery. A Pain-Free Life Can Be Yours!

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